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VES working with EVN on solar power grid tied

26.04.2016 - by Admin

21.04.2016 morning, VES has participated in official meetings with HCM City Power Corporation to provide more optimal method for supporting installation of solar power.


 During the meeting, information related to the practical use of solar power by households and works on the territory of Vietnam as well as a number of overseas projects that VES had the opportunity to perform. Members of the General Corporation leadership as well as the directly related departments have been very excited to given the questions related to technical and economic related to solar energy and wind energy. Think of EVN HCMC always interested that’s in the interests of consumers, therefore, the economic problems are deepening a thorough with the question, “Cooperation deploy grid solar power in the HCMC and improve the mechanism support from EVN to buy back excess power generated from the grid solar power. ” Answering that question, Andy Nguyen – Director VES has contributed many useful solutions, existing and VES has been used successfully for many households in Vietnam. The most typical is the program to try solar power with eight million nine hundred thousand packages and pay package after trial worth twelve million five hundred thousand. The two rates are the most competitive prices on the market today.

VES làm việc với EVN về năng lượng mặt trời

Andy Nguyen – Director VES lively share of wind turbines are operating persistence of VES


 Also at the meeting, VES has had many opportunities to share their achievements and their knowledge in the industry. Andy Nguyen entrepreneur – an overseas Vietnamese entrepreneurs – was raised and educated in the US, he has witnessed the application and development of the solar power industry & wind energy development in this country like going through the lessons and practical experiments. He was gathered brought back to the market in Vietnam sunny and wind. Some typical activities of VES.

VES làm việc với EVN về năng lượng mặt trời

Cooperation with Cambodia LES charged to schools in rural areas of Cambodia 

VES làm việc với EVN về năng lượng mặt trời 

 Providing comprehensive solutions including wind energy, solar energy, stored electricity Accumulators for offshore broadcast BTS Mobifone of Tho Chu island


VES is proud trust units are assigned to the first project under the program to support national cooperation between Vietnam and the German government on the development of clean energy sources (including solar, energy wind) on Con Dao, Vietnam. 

VES làm việc với EVN về năng lượng mặt trời

Installation and system acceptance test successfully streetlights solar power LED for Navy Region VES 04 at strategic military base in Cam Ranh. 

VES làm việc với EVN về năng lượng mặt trời

Installation of electrical solar power systems and wind to Truong Sa 

VES làm việc với EVN về năng lượng mặt trời

Provides wind turbine system for Hue Riverside Boutique Resort and Spa.

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