SolarBox – The Special product of VES

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SolarBox is a product kind of versatile solar generators. It helps consumers and enterprises in using inexhaustible energy source from wind and sun.


Basically, SolarBox is a self-contained, small size power generation system from sunlight that serves different demands, from families to industry, depends on capacity. SolarBox’s main objects are households, offices, hotels, resorts or remote areas where without national electricity network.


The image of VES’s solar energy generator  


SolarBox was created to replace the diesel-powered generators, which has extreamly high noise as well as waste emissions into environment. Solarbox absorb solar energy directly, safely and friendly with environment. It includes full Inverter and Battery inside. SolarBox has many various versions with different power levels. Typically is 1 KVA  for small families and 5 KVA for villas, big houses. 1 KVA  is used for fans, lights, televisions, refrigerators and pumps under 1 horsepower (1 HP). About 5 KVA, customers can use for air-conditioners, washing machines and high-power pumps.


Besides, SolarBox has  various kinds with  capacity level 2, 3, 8, 10 and 15 KVA. For  15 KVA or larger, SolarBox created 3 phase current to run devices such as elevators. Even if we combine togetherly some SolarBoxes of 5 KVA kinds it can provide enough power for all production lines.


Below is one model of SolarBox:

Mô hình phát điện năng lượng mặt trời công ty VES

SolarBox generator Model


Engineers’ Introduction about SolarBox of VES company

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