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Shinsung invests solar power plant in Dak Nong

18.01.2016 - by Admin

Project solar power plant and power solar Module plant in Dak Nong with a total investment of 2.373 billion due Shinsung Group (Korea) was officially established.


With a total investment of 2.373 billion, power solar plant project in the Duc An town, Dak Song and the other producing solar modules will be located in Dak Ru commune, Dak R’lap District by Shinsung Group (Korea) as an investor was officially booted from 11/12.


The event took place within the framework of investment promotion Seminar of Dak Nong province. Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Nguyen Bon said that the province is focusing on attracting investment in key industries, such as alumina refining, agri-forestry processing, and high-tech agriculture.


So far, the province has lured as many as 49 investment projects with a total capital of 55 trillion VND. Many major projects such as power plants projects in electrolysis    aluminum (15.400 billion), project growing grass and construction dairy farms (6,300 billion) … With the result that has been opened new face for Dak Nong Province in attracting investment as well as urban planning and vision 2030 up to 2050.


However, to attract investment in the province has not exploited effectively whether businesses investing in Dak Nong Province is the highest preferential investment incentives in the framework of government regulation.


Speaking at the seminar, the Korean investors that, Dak Nong has potential not only in agriculture but also mineral industry. Korean enterprises expect investment opportunities and success in the province. Investing in Dak Nong will be a good opportunity for both 2 parties; South Korea will support our best to successful implementation of the project.



Mr. Hee Beom Lee, Former Minister of Trade, Industry, Energy Korea said that the Korean enterprises investing in Dak Nong will contribute to mount the relationship between Vietnam and Korea in general and Dak Nong with Korea in particular.


According to Mr. Lee, Dak Nong is very attractive local about investment in various fields, especially in the province’s leaders and institutions are creating conditions for enterprises to invest and there are many preferential policies to support . 


Mr Lee also believes that these projects the Group’s investment in Dak Nong Shinsung will succeed and this is an important start to the future projects Korea’s investment in the province continue to be successful.


 Shinsung Group is the first Korea enterprise to pump money into Dak Nong. The project was launched at the seminar this time is the premise for Shinsung continue investing in Dak Nong.

du an nang luong mat troi shínsung Dak Nong province awarded the investment certificates to the Viet Solar Co Ltd.



Video launch ceremony of the solar power plant


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