• 28.02.2016

    Solar power and unknown things

    Solar energy is a source of inexhaustible renewable energy available on Earth. This is a clean energy source that we are pushing operators. Below is some things you may not know about energy.  The system of solar battery   The image solar panels 

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  • 23.02.2016

    What is Solar energy Gird tied for household?

    Many people still do not understand “What is National Solar energy Gird tied?  Why could we be refunded faster than using independent solar energy generator?” You can find the answer in the following article. The Operation principle of Grid tied syst

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  • 18.01.2016

    How do solar battery work?

    The sun provides an abundant energy source and does not produce carbon dioxide emissions. Therefore, the development of solar energy industry is being promoted in a lot of Countries. So what is a solar battery and works?    Solar battery (solar/photo

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  • 18.01.2016

    Shinsung invests solar power plant in Dak Nong

    Project solar power plant and power solar Module plant in Dak Nong with a total investment of 2.373 billion due Shinsung Group (Korea) was officially established.   With a total investment of 2.373 billion, power solar plant project in the Duc An tow

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