Japan ambitions to become solar powerhouse

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The interesting is the solar system in Japan will be located on the water.


Unlike thermal power plants generally, the solar system don’t produce smog but it using a lot of area, by the light pickup requirements.

nha may tesla

Systems solar battery in the Tesla plant of US


With the vast country like the US, specific Tesla company is not too difficult problem surface area, but with Japan, where ” an inch of soil is an inch of gold” this is a story long.


Solar system on the water in Japan’s Hyogo Prefecture


According Quartz, to resolve this thoroughly issue, the Japanese were thinking about building the solar system on the water, in order to save the maximum surface area to use.


Specifically, in the Hyogo prefecture of Japan, a solar power station has been put into operation, with a capacity of about 2,680 MWh per year, enough for 820 typical households. It is noteworthy that system is placed on the reservoir, especially in areas lacking construction ground. Accordingly, the solar system was created from 9,100 solar panels waterproof and large polyethylene float placed below. With scale current, this system will help a normal power plants save about $ 780,000 per year. Facts, from now until 2030, Japan will continue to add many similar energy system, increasing the number of renewable energy systems than 2 times today. In terms of the environment, the use of solar energy systems underwater also shows the effects more efficiently. In addition to making the lake water becomes cooler, reducing evaporation, the panels also reduce the possibility of development of the algae, helping lakes clean.


Refer: qz.com

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