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Will Tesla’s Gigafactory be the largest man-made structure on Earth?

13.08.2015 - by Admin

Tesla’s newest up-and-coming building could be larger than previously thought – much larger.


At a presentation about the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center, Dean Haymore, from Story County Commission, mentioned that Tesla bought an extra 1,200 acres next to the ongoing construction, and will buy 350 more.


 Billionaire Elon Musk and Tesla no official announcement, but make sure that this work will be extended with another very large scale. Tesla has said, they want  the building to hold enough battery power for 500,000 cars. 

du an nang luong mat troi tesla

Image Tesla’s construction projects solar plant



The original plan, Tesla will build a complex include energy storage, cell production and the total area is estimated at about 3 million square meters. But initial estimates  area is not enough, not to mention the area put the solar panel.


 If haymore’s claims are true, then the building will cover more than 24 million square meters. Which according to Wikipedia, would make it the largest building in the world. Tesla’s ambition is to make changes energy industry worldwide, with the Power Wall and solar plants. When it is used widely, households and businesses would reduce reliance on the general power grid and traditional energy. However to provide energy for the whole country, in the future may be in the world with solar energy, Tesla will need a giant solar factory. Plant the largest solar energy current world is Ivanpah in the US, annually producing nearly 400 MW supply 140,000 households. The total area of approximately 14 million square metters ,though large parts of the energy field that put solar panels without manufactory.


Will Tesla’s Gigafactory be the largest man-made structure?


Source: zmescience

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