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VES company product proud to be the first Vietnam enterprise energy champion the contest Proof of Concept

20.01.2016 - by Admin

The contest Proof of Concept (POC) by infoDev’s Climate Technology of World Bank program in cooperation with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) has been held in Vietnam for for energy and climate change enterprise.

With the purpose of finding, encouraging innovation and technological solutions aimed at helping Vietnam climate adapt to climate change, reducing emissions to meet energy demand, increasing productivity, maintaining competitiveness, and reduce dependence on fossil fuel imports. Contest POC special attention to enterprises operating in the fields of energy efficiency, renewable energy technologies, sustainable agriculture, biofuels and biomass, transportation technology.


Solarbox, the product of VES company has excellent won the first prize in the field of energy technology and energy efficiency. Outside award 1 billion VND, also as a great opportunity to expand VES market, access to international friends to learn. Thank Vietnam Climate Innovation Center (Vietnam CIC), World Bank and ADB jointly organizing committee Proof Of Concept contest.


 The image of the track and discussed guests the examination of VES


Below is Pitch post helped VES won the first prize by Andy Nguyen CEO company’s presention


Andy Nguyen’s presentation VES Solarbox product

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