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What is Solar energy Gird tied for household?

23.02.2016 - by Admin

Many people still do not understand “What is National Solar energy Gird tied?  Why could we be refunded faster than using independent solar energy generator?” You can find the answer in the following article.

The Operation principle of Grid tied system.


Solar energy electricity collected from Solar panel via Inverter is one-way electricity line has a function of changing Direct current to (DC) to Alternating Current which is same frequency and phase with the grid. Then, the system will tie with national electricity grid. The system no need to use battery.


– When grid tied capacity equals to the transmission capacity, we totally use from solar energy battery.


– When the consuming transmission capacity is greater than the grid tied capacity, grid electricity will be added. At night nation electric grid will be totally used due to the lack of sunlight.


The National gird tied electricity stimulation chart


Solar panels will be installed on house’s roof. There will be an aadditional alternating electricity to calculate the solar energy quantity produced from the panels.



Picture of VES solar energy panels was installed in house in HCM city.


How to be payback?


Normally, the payback takes 6-7 years based on current market’s price. The solar investment is still high because we must import the battery. However, we must be more confident in the future due to the draft project which support 2000d/KWh to solar power users (further information by link: http://tuoitre.vn/tin/kinh-te/201511…h/1001854.html). Therefore, the payback duration will be shorten with 10-year warranty solar panels.


Initial capital


First of all, you Solar power provider will register to The Department of Science and Technology to be supported 2000d/KWh. Then they will install a 2-way clock to calculate solar energy capacity. In the current, only HCM city gets this policy and it will plan to be popolated in the other areas in the next year.


For calculting example, imagine that you install 12 solar panels which equals to 3 KWh. The cost is 12 25Wh-Poly panels  x 4.250.000d/panel = VND51.000.000. You need an additional 3 KW Inverter with price of VND18.890.000. In conclusion, you have to pay 51 M+ 19M = VND70M in total.


Pay back and profit

The daily solar electric come out is 3 x 4 = 12 KWh. The monthly solar electric come out is 360KW and 4.320KW per year. The average price of electricity now is VND2.000/KW. From there, the saving cost is 4.320 x 2.000= VND8.640.000. Furthermore, with the supported plan from government, you will gain VND2.000/KW. Then, you will get more VND8.640.000


Payback duration


You will get 4,05 year for the payback duration (Initial investment/profit). With the 10 year warranty, you will gain more profit in 6 years. The calculation is counting on the average 4 hous of sunlight/day in Ho Chi Minh City.

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