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How does solar energy convert into electricity?

28.02.2016 - by Admin

Most of the renewable energy resources on the earth comes from the sun. the sun warms the planet’s surface, lights us and supplies with nutrients. Wind and wave energy are also arguably the cleanest, most reliable but they are also indirect solar energy. We can convert  solar power into an electricity which can meet many kind levels of user’s demand.

home solar system

Schematics of converting solar energy into electricity

Solar energy supplies heat and light, it has the properties of waves and particles. The sun as a nuclear reactor, it converts hydrogen into helium through nuclear fusion. Sun releases energy equivalent to 100 billion hydrogen bombs per second. This is an extreamly effective process, directly converts mass to energy through Albert Einstein’s famous equation : E = MC2 (E is energy, M is mass and C is the speed of light). The light speed is 186,000 miles sun per second, this is the fastest speed in cosmos. A small volume can also generate large amount of energy.

The energy is converted from one form to another by a fitted called an adapter. A microphone converts sound waves into electronic energy. To convert solar radiation into electricity, we need solar panels.

Photovoltaic solar cells (PVC) is basically the semi-conductor, meaning that it shares some of the properties of metals or brine and some of those of an electrical insulator as rubbery. Solar panels are created from composed of doped silicon wafers, this is main component in sand, with additional impurities such as phosphorus allows the electrons. When the motion of photons collides with a PVC, an initial flow of electrons can be removed by wire to create direct current (DC).

The best suitable location to mount  solar power panels is on the rooftops where they can receive the maximum sunlight.

 Unlike batteries, electric current in your house is alternating current, whose output frequency is usually at 50 or 60 hertz. Before using solar energy power to supply power for electrical appliances, it must be converted by a device called an adapter (Inverter). Most forms of energy nowadays, adapter allows you to conduct electricity into the grid for use.

Through using of solar panels, you can take advantage of an indefinitely clean energy source that has ability to regenerate, also greatly reduce energy expenditure monthly.


Source: ehow.com

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