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As part of the national support cooperation between Vietnamese and German governments, in May 10th 2014 Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung and Mr. Sigma Garbiel, Deputy Prime Minister cum Minister of Economics and Energy Germany witnessed the signing ceremony of The development of clean energy sources (including solar energy, wind energy) for Vietnam. VES is proud of being trust company assigned to deploy the first project under this program in Con Dao, Vietnam.

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The first typical solar power of VES in Con Dao


The project is a great convergence of the latest advanced and clean energy technologies. Among these are two types of wind turbine including vertical turbine and horizontal turbine combined with solar grid tie and “flow battery” electric storage technology which have 25 year lifespan. The entire system is remotely managed via the Internet. VES do hope that one day, Vietnam in particular and the whole world in general would move from fossil energy sources to the abundant clean energy resources, contributing in reducing the CO2 emissions as well as fighting against global climate change. From there, our next generation can enjoy a green and beautiful earth.

He thong nang luong mat troi tai Con Dao cua cong ty VES

The beautiful look of the VES solar power system in Con Dao


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