VES Joint Stock Company (precursor’s Eco Solutions Ltd Vietnam) was founded in Mar 2012. Expectation to bring an effective and friendly lifestyle with Vietnam environment, VES constantly research, seek and develop renewable energy from wind, solar (VES Wind, Solar VES) and VES LED industrial energy saving lamp.


VES is currently the exclusive partner in Vietnam of many major corporations, such as Libra energy (Netherlands), Solartech (Taiwan), ABB (Switzerland), Tatung (Taiwan), etc.


Besides projects are proceed in household scale, small and medium enterprises, VES  prouds to be one of companies that provided power in remote/ rural areas, islands such as wind and solar power systems at Ho Quoc Pagoda, Phu Quoc island; the project of installation solar lights for Navy Region 04 at Cam Ranh military base, solar and wind energy systems in Truong Sa.


In 2016, SolarBox VES honored to be received the award of innovative products combating global climate change in the award ceremony Proof of Concept (PoC) competition. It was held in the Melia Hotel, Hanoi. Beside the donations from the World Bank in cash, VES also received support for marketing, R & D, distribution systems, trade promotion, etc.




“Sky is the limit for growth while being clean and sustainable doing so” Andy Nguyen – CEO Vienam Eco-Solutions – VES.


VES always pioneers in the solar and clean energy industry in Vietnam, with many prestigious projects in both domestic and international , credibility commitment and  absolute quality to every customer.


Below are pictures of Solarbox, the unique product of VES has proved its value on the energy market in Vietnam.


Video introduce about Solarbox

SolarBox is a generator that combine solar energy with storage of electricity. It let you don’t  worry about off power and also preserves environmental fresh, quiet.

VES SolarBox is a civil product that help consumers and businesses can access and use simply as well as effectively the clean energy sources almost endless from wind and solar.

The outstanding advantages:

– Plug in and play

– Supply AC power (220 V – 50 Hz) just plug in the drive for power.

– It features the voltage regulator, powers source the standard sine wave and meets the requirements of senior audio equipments.

– Supply DC power 24 V

– Against of sudden power failure (computer systems, security cameras, urgent lights, …)

– Optimize line charging from solar panels MPPT technology, line charging up to 60 A

– Friendly LCD screen

– No need for maintenance, no noise, no smoke

– Operate automatically

For choosing the Solar Box which suitalble for your demand,
Please click on the your device then click "select solarbox"

Device Capacity Quantity Total capacity
Lamp 20W
Electric fan 50W
Laptop 60W
Television 70W
Refrigerator 80W
Washing machine 150W
Air conditioner 750W

Total capacity


You needSolarBox 1kVA

The equipment will produce 1.9Kw per day when mounting1-2 panels.

SolarBox 1kVA

SolarBox 5kVA

You needSolarBox 2 kVA

The equipment will produce 3.6Kw per day when mounting4 panels.

SolarBox 2 kVA

SolarBox 5kVA

You needSolarBox 3 kVA

The equipment will produce 4.8Kw per day when mounting6 panels.

SolarBox 3 kVA

SolarBox 5kVA

You needSolarBox 5 kVA

The equipment will produce 9.6Kw per day when mounting12 panels.

SolarBox 5 kVA

SolarBox 5kVA

You need SolarBox lớn hơn 5kVA.
Please call VES's Hotline 0969 100 888

SolarBox 15 kVA

SolarBox 5kVA

VES Joint Stock Company (VES)

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Phone: +84 (8) 6295 4513